Chapter 926

The marketing account even claimed that the photo was taken when X Entertainment was in trouble. The comment section of the marketing account was instantly buzzing with excitement. “X Entertainment retweeted Suzie Cobold’s Weibo post. Now, this photo appeared! @Mr.Brown, go to hell!” “The entertainment industry is filthy and insidious. My Josh must be miserable! It’s our responsibility to boycott all members of Sun-N-Shine Entertainment.” “I won’t watch or buy any of the drama series, movies, TV shows, magazines, and whatever this company produces.” “@Mr. Brown, you didn’t think this would happen, did you? You’re a trashy boss. What did our idol do to end up with you?” “Please don’t blame artists for what their boss did. I apologize on behalf of all the artists of Sun-N-Shine Entertainment.” “To the person above, who do you think you are? Do you think you can represent them? We’ll boycott them forever! We’ll never forgive them!” The smile on Xyla Quest’s face widened as she rea

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