Chapter 91

“Compared to you, I am a newbie. God, can you please guide me in the game more often? Please consider doing it because I am so weak. Sob.” North wrote. “Okay.” Seven responded. “God, you are the best! Oh, yeah. Are you a professional player?” North asked. “No.” Seven replied. When Stanley Batton returned, the first thing he saw was the messages Sharon Lindt sent on her phone. He immediately started frowning. Did his mother just ruin his heroic reputation? Did she claim that he was weak and helpless and asked someone to guide him? Sob? God, you are the best? Earlier, Stanley had rejected the person upfront. Now that Sharon had said these things about Stanley, how would that person think? “Mom, why did you do that?” Stanley asked unhappily. “What did I do? Can’t I just play with her?” Sharon asked. “This is my account,” Stanley answered. “But she wouldn’t accept any of my friend requests. Therefore, I will use your account whenever I want to play so that Seven can guide me,” Sharon said

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