Chapter 912

Karen Campbell even deliberately stole Georgie Clementine’s crush, Zayn Tulip, away from Georgie… After getting together with Zayn, Karen always brought Zayn around to show him off in front of Georgie to hurt Georgie’s feelings. Apart from that, Karen even lied to Zayn by saying that Georgie bullied her… As a result, Zayn slapped Georgie twice. One could only imagine how hurtful it was to be slapped by the person she had a crush on. However, Georgie didn’t show any signs of weakness. After being slapped, she beat Zayn up so badly that his mother probably couldn’t recognize him anymore. In fact, she had erased her feelings for Zayn forever. They had brought Georgie nothing but terrible memories. Hence, Georgie didn’t want to acknowledge them… After glancing at them calmly, Georgie continued to walk forward with the waitress. “Hey… Who’s this? Isn’t this Georgie Clementine?” Karen didn’t allow Georgie to leave. She immediately dragged Zayn along and stood in Georgie’s way… Afte

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