Chapter 908

Georgie Clementine was speechless. “I’ll be waiting for you… I’m now at Clear Blue Sky Villa, Block One, in Peace Park, Gold Coast Beach Resort. I’ll inform the security. You’ll only have to bring your identity card along when you enter the neighborhood,” Henry Armstrong said. Soon after that, Henry hung up the phone. Georgie frowned helplessly before picking up the large package with one hand and walking out the door directly. She got into her black Mercedes-Benz and drove to the place Henry mentioned right away. This location had one of the best views of the beach. The entire neighborhood was surrounded by three-story, European-style villas. This neighborhood was only separated from the ocean by a single road. From the entrance, one could see nothing but the clear sea and blue skies. A single glance of this view was enough to make one feel at ease. After showing the security guard her identity card, Georgie slowly drove into the neighborhood. The greenery was very well-lands

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