Chapter 901

It was then followed by a video of Suzie Cobold threatening the screenwriter of the drama series Forever Love. “Let me tell you. You have to add more scenes for me no matter what. What do you mean by ‘adding scenes will affect the storyline’? “I don’t care. You must do it for me. I’ll quit if you refuse to do so! “I want all the second female lead’s eye-catching parts to be mine. I shall be the one acting those parts instead of her. “She’s just a second female lead. Why does she need those parts? To steal the limelight from me, the female lead?” Finally, the last video showed Suzie scolding Colbie Olsen in the washroom. Suzie folded her arms and glowered at Colbie, her chin slightly lifted. “Colbie Olsen, you bumped into me just now, and all you gotta say is sorry. That’s it?” Colbie kept her head down all the time. “I’m sorry, Suzie. I really didn’t mean to do that. It was an accident. What do you want me to do?” “Do you think I’m going to believe you? I think you did it on

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