Chapter 89

Embarrassing moments always came when one was least prepared for them. Meanwhile, Stanley Batton chose to ignore their messages and continued to play the game skillfully. He clicked on the mouse rapidly to activate one skill after another. Although it was only a game, he made it seem as if he were playing the piano. He was the most elegant killer in the world. Very soon, Stanley’s team achieved victory. He immediately removed himself from the queue and proceeded to open the chatroom between him and Xyla Quest in Wechat. After hovering his finger above the screen for a few seconds, he narrowed his eyes a little. “I’ve already memorized the book. What’s next?” Right then, Xyla was also waiting in a queue for her teammates to get matched. “Beep beep…” When Xyla’s phone suddenly started vibrating, she shifted her gaze to the phone. She was surprised to read what Five Batton sent her. How was he able to memorize everything in that book in such a short amount of time? Did he have a photograp

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