Chapter 896

The notification showed: “More scandals about Georgie Clementine were exposed by Suzie Cobold today!” The article was posted by Weibo’s official entertainment account. Xyla Quest immediately tapped to open the article. What came into her view was a long paragraph, followed by a screenshot of Suzie’s recent Weibo post. “Suzie Cobold had exposed more scandals about Georgie Clementine a few minutes ago. In addition to Suzie Cobold herself, she revealed that Georgie Clementine had offered backdoor deals to many X Entertainment’s artists throughout the years. “Ridiculously, X Entertainment’s big boss knew all about it, but no action was taken! On the contrary, she fully supported Georgie Clementine’s misdeeds! “Suzie Cobold had indirectly hinted that there was an ulterior relationship between X Entertainment’s big boss and Georgie Clementine.” Xyla then tapped on the screenshot. The original post uploaded by Suzie popped up at once. The content of the post was exactly the sa

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