Chapter 888

“D*mn! What a shock! I wonder, is the boss behind X Entertainment slacking off? How could one not care when one’s employee is acting like this?” “I heard that X Entertainment’s boss is a lady. Perhaps, something is going on between those two. Otherwise, why would she let Georgie Clementine do such things?” “I bet Georgie will do exactly as Suzie said. She’s going to defame Suzie. Sisters, let’s not fall for that.” “I just want to ask one question. When will Georgie, this b*tch, die? D*mn. Such a shameless dog!” “Oh, my goodness. Suzie must be feeling so hopeless right now. Why is it so hard to be a nice person in the entertainment industry?” Due to Suzie Cobold’s Weibo post, everyone in the comment section was already on her side… Everyone believed all the nonsense she said… Xyla Quest felt extremely disgusted by Suzie’s Weibo post and the comments under it. She didn’t expect Suzie to be the thief that cried ‘thief’. With this happening, nobody would believe X Entertainment ev

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