Chapter 877

The sweet interaction between the pair was reflected in the mirror. Both of them were good-looking. They looked more appealing than the hero and heroine in the drama as they stood together. The man’s slender fingers weaved through her silky hair. His gentle caress consoled her soul. Her heart skipped a beat every time their skins touched. Her hair was completely dry a few minutes later. Stanley Batton lifted her and placed her on the sink. He then uncapped the bottle of toner and carefully applied it to her face. “I can do it myself,” Xyla Quest said though she was clearly enjoying herself. Stanley did not answer. He continued to put on the skincare products for her, his soft lips gradually curving upward. Xyla watched him smile up close. Her heart melted away with his smile. It was as if she was falling in love with him all over again. After applying the toner, he helped her to apply some moisturizer, essence, and night cream. His movement was light and cautious.

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