Chapter 875

Jullian Sullivan remained silent the whole time. He was acting like an outsider. “Look at all the things she has done. They’re enough to put her in jail for eight or even ten years. You’d better stay away from her,” Bailey Ronson admonished him. Though she was grateful for what Emily Quest had done for her in the past, she could not bear to side with her anymore. Emily had gone too far this time. There was no way she could save her from the disaster. She could not help Emily and certainly did not want to. She finally realized that Emily was a hopeless case. A second felt like an eternity when Tom Sullivan was drowned in his deep thoughts. At last, to everyone’s surprise, he shook his head. “No… I can’t…” “Are you out of your mind?!” Tony Sullivan snapped. “I’m not… I… I just don’t want to get a divorce,” Tom stuttered. Upon hearing that, Jullian instantly fixed his gaze upon Tom, dumbfounded. The calmness in his eyes was gradually replaced by suspicion. “Get out of the

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