Chapter 866

“I’ve been pretty good to you lately, haven’t I? Why are you doing this to me? Why did you fake that recording and accuse me of drugging you?” May Conner quibbled. May was still looking for a lifeline. That was the only thing she could do right now. “Is that so? Tell me what’s this then.” Xyla Quest pulled out a copy of her blood test result from her silver handbag. She thrust it into May’s hands. The report clearly stated that the mercury level in her body was ten times over the limit! There was a slight tremor in May’s eyes. “Xyla, what’s this?” “You should know better.” Xyla cut to the chase. “Stop it, Xyla! I can’t believe you’ve faked the report to slander my mother!” Emily Quest rebuked furiously. Xyla glared at May coldly. She did not even bother to look at Emily. “Am I slandering you? You know the answer better than anyone else, Auntie.” Jeremy Quest took a deep breath before interrupting their conversation. “May, you better go into jail with your daughter and… Let

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