Chapter 862

Emily Quest immediately tightened her grip on the phone as she gritted her teeth. “What do you mean?” Xyla Quest smiled a little, but she didn’t answer Emily. Instead, she hung up the phone right away. Emily felt a little frantic. What was Xyla going to do? Did Xyla have another scheme she had yet to execute? Meanwhile, May Conner stood in the courtyard for a long while before calming down her anger and her panic-stricken heart. She turned around and entered the living room to greet the other guests with Jeremy Quest. Throughout the entire process, Xyla didn’t take another look at May. Instead, she silently enjoyed the delicious food on the table. When Xyla was in a good mood, everything tasted delicious. Each of the dishes on the table whetted her appetite. Stanley Batton, on the other hand, sat calmly beside Xyla. He looked as if he had blocked out everything and everyone, and all he did was peel shrimps for her slowly and carefully. After peeling each shrimp, he would care

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