Chapter 853

It seemed like there was no way Xyla Quest’s younger sister could ever be honest. In the end, Xyla and Emily Quest would still fight with each other. “What do you plan to do now?” Stanley Batton looked at Xyla and asked. “Let’s not do anything for now…” Xyla said. Stanley didn’t ask further. “Understood. We’ll retain the evidence and gain control of Red Sea. Let’s not frighten our enemy for now…” He said into the phone. “Yes!” Zack Cassidy replied. After hanging up the phone, Stanley looked at Xyla curiously. “Tell me. What do you have in mind this time?” “It would be boring to ask her to come here and make her admit her fault. Since she wants to play, we’ll make it a big deal… Doesn’t she want to watch us get divorced? We’ll lead her on a little…” Xyla said. “I vaguely recall that May Conner will be throwing a party in the Quest family. If Emily falls for the trap and falsely believes that we are getting a divorce, she might invite me over…” Xyla trailed off. She didn’t want

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