Chapter 848

“Therefore, the reason our paths crossed isn’t as simple as fate… “You know what happened next, including my feelings and all. I’ve told you before. I’m telling you all this because I want you to know that I really do love you. Xyla, we’re together because I love you. It has nothing to do with your blood. “If I were after your blood, how could I not hold back from touching you for two whole years after we got married? I’m with you because I love you. There’s no other reason.” Stanley Batton kept explaining. He tried his best to express his innermost feelings to Xyla Quest. Xyla felt at ease after discovering the truth behind their relationship. As she recalled her heedlessness, fury, and anguish when she first heard the recording, she could not help but laugh at herself. She could only blame herself for being overwhelmed by resentment. It was a moment of reckless impetuousness that caused her to lose her rationality. “Fine… I trust you, hubby.” Xyla nodded lightly. She then

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