Chapter 845

The car headlights went out. Everything became clear again. As soon as Xyla Quest lifted her head, Stanley Batton’s black Bentley Arnage came into her view. His car was right in front of her. She saw that Stanley was sitting in the passenger seat with a gloomy face through the transparent windscreen, glaring coldly at her. Stanley got out of the car before she could even react to his abrupt arrival. After he got out of the car, Zack Cassidy motioned the other black-clad men to get off their respective cars and follow him. Christopher Lancelot remained seated in his car with the car window halfway down. He propped his chin in his left palm while puffing at the cigarette, observing the group of men like a bystander. Xyla watched Stanley striding in her direction and stopped in front of her. He glowered at Christopher before averting his wary gaze to their racing cars and Christopher’s henchmen. Very soon, his gaze fell upon Xyla again. He coldly questioned her, “Is this

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