Chapter 829

Emily Quest curled her fingers around his. “I heard that you came here with Mom, so I thought I could join you guys… I’m interested in the root carving exhibition too.” Emily had made a fool out of herself during her design competition with Xyla Quest. The scandal was an acute embarrassment for the Sullivan family. Emily’s ignorance drove Bailey Ronson up the wall. She had been treating Emily like an eyesore for the past few days because of that incident. However, Bailey cooled off as time went by. All the good things that Emily had done for her crossed her mind from time to time, urging her to forgive Emily. At last, she offered Emily her hand. “Let’s go then… Let’s have a look at the phoenix over there.” Without hesitation, Emily nodded and held Bailey’s hand, heading toward the phoenix sculpture with Bailey intimately. Tom Sullivan frowned impatiently and followed behind the two of them. “This phoenix is gorgeous! It looks so real!” Emily exclaimed. “Emily, do you like it

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