Chapter 81

“Emily Quest, how could you do something like this? Don’t you think that’s too much?” Tom Sullivan asked with a frown. “There’s something even worse,” Xyla Quest glanced at Emily coldly before pouring herself another glass of fruit juice. “There’s another voice recording down there. Open it up,” Xyla said while she took a sip. Emily immediately felt panicked. What else could there be? Was there proof of her asking someone to make the whole thing up? That can’t be. Please, no! If that came out at the same time, Emily was doomed. Emily eyed Xyla up and down nervously. She did not dare to even look at Jeremy’s face while she proceeded to open the second voice recording with trembling hands. “I didn’t want to make anything up. Emily Quest kept asking me to do it. We are friends. Therefore, it was difficult for me to reject her. She said she would never let Imperial Prime perform well in its sales. She could not allow Xyla Quest to succeed so easily. Hence, she wanted to create a rumor so t

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