Chapter 803

“I can’t be bothered to explain,” Noah Smith said. “It’d be bad if people started spreading rumors of us being in a relationship,” Catherine Batton said. “I don’t mind,” Noah said. Catherine was speechless. “Did you watch my debut performance?” Noah asked. “Yeah… I did… You’re pretty good. I like your stage name too. It sounds great,” Catherine said. Meanwhile, Noah was sitting in his sapphire-blue Porsche parked within the vice president’s residence. A glimmer of light appeared in his eyes when he smiled after reading the text from Catherine. He immediately gave Catherine a call on the phone. Catherine very quickly picked it up. “Have you gone back to school?” Noah asked. “Not yet,” Catherine said. “When are you going back?” He asked. “Probably tomorrow,” she said. “Hmm… Would you like to come out for supper?” Noah asked. “No. I don’t feel like moving.” Catherine rejected him right away. “Forget it then…” A look of disappointment appeared in Noah’s eyes. “I’m going to

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