Chapter 801

The other cars followed close behind. Outside, the city was brightly lit up, and there were dazzling lights of green and red on the road. Roses were abloom on both sides of the road, seemingly fighting for attention. Xyla Quest rolled down the window half-way. A breeze brought the soothing scent of flowers to her… “The show was great, wasn’t it?” Xyla asked. “Not too bad,” Stanley Batton said. “How do you think Noah Smith performed?” Xyla asked. “Not bad at all,” Stanley said. “What about Morty Wayne and Jay Corben?” Xyla chuckled. “They did well too,” Stanley said truthfully. “Do you think they’ll get even more popular?” Xyla asked. “Yes…” Stanley said. Xyla chuckled a little before opening Weibo again. The list of trending topics was still flooded with content related to Teenage Idol. Apart from the original topics, Xyla discovered a brand new topic in the seventh spot, ‘#Noah Smith#’. The marketing accounts must have started sharing information related to Noah. Xyla i

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