Chapter 7

Xyla Quest turned around calmly. “What is it?” A long time ago, this man used to be like a religion to her. Her heart would pound whenever she saw him. However, when Xyla looked at Tom’s face now, she felt nothing else but disgust and hatred. Tom quickly approached Xyla and tried to reach for her hand. However, Xyla immediately avoided his touch and took a step back. “You can talk to me, but do not touch me.” She frowned. “Xyla, I’ve given it a serious thought. I don’t care if you did all of that. I’m ready to forgive you. Even if you did it, consider it an act of revenge for how I hurt you in the past. It’s all fine. Xyla, will you please give me a second chance?” Tom Sullivan sounded very eager. Chuckle. ‘Can this man be more of a jerk?’ “Have you heard of a discounted key? You’re not even worth the price.” Xyla looked at him coldly while she snapped her fingers together. Tom was not used to her cold rejection and proud attitude. “Xyla… You didn’t used to be like this.” In the past, Xyla would forgive him no matter how upset she became as long as he spoke to her nicely. However, the more Xyla behaved in this way, the more Tom liked her and wanted to have her. Now that Xyla had become an idol to tens of thousands of people, she was a completely different person from the fat woman she used to be. It was human nature to want something one could not have. While the two were speaking, the sound of car engines revving could be heard. Ten limited edition luxury cars stopped in front of Xyla, making her feel confused. What was going on? Tom seemed equally confused. Very soon, a group of young men got out of their respective cars with bouquets of flowers in their hands. As soon as they got out of their cars, they surrounded Xyla and pushed Tom out of the way. “Miss Quest, these are flowers from the heir of Logan Wine Group. He asked me to tell you that he admires you a lot.” “These are flowers from the heir of Glorious Century Jewelry. He says that he likes you a lot.” “These are flowers from the heir of Meiji Group. He says that he wishes to be your friend.” The young men eagerly told Xyla about the people who sent her those flowers. Each of those names belonged to influential people in Atlantis and, in fact, the entire country. Before Xyla could react, they had shoved the flowers into her arms. Once her hands were full, the remaining flowers were left on the cobblestone ground in front of her. After that, they quickly slipped away for fear that she might refuse to accept the flowers. Right then, Tom was in a state of utter shock. Most of the heirs who sent the flowers were even more powerful than him. In fact, some of them were people the Sullivan family could only dream of getting close to. The woman Tom had abandoned before had now become the brightest star in the sky. Most people could only admire her from afar. After looking down at the flowers in her hands and those around her on the ground, Xyla finally looked at Tom’s face. “Mr. Sullivan, people have to line up to ask me out now. Also, I do not accept recycled goods.” Emily Quest, who was hiding behind the door, saw everything that happened. She was jealous of both the things Tom said to Xyla and the people who came to deliver flowers to Xyla. To stop Tom from continuing the conversation with Xyla, Emily hurriedly walked over to Tom. She forced a smile on her face before wrapping her hand around Tom’s. “Brother Sullivan, what are you talking about with Xyla?” “It’s none of your business.” Tom pulled his hand away and returned to the house. His cold attitude made Emily feel extremely unhappy. In fact, she wished she could peel Xyla’s skin. With her fists balled up, Emily turned to look at Xyla. “I’m warning you to stay away from my Brother Sullivan.” Xyla could not even be bothered to look at Emily. Instead, she turned to face the gardeners around her. “Take these flowers inside…” After finishing her sentence, Xyla got into her Maserati and drove away. *** Xyla Quest drove her red Maserati all the way to Atlantis’ shopping haven, Goldfield Plaza. Once she arrived, she headed directly over to Chanel’s counter. As soon as she walked in, Xyla set her eyes upon a white winter coat. After touching it to check how it felt, she was about to ask a shopping assistant to get one for her to try on when another hand reached for the coat. The person’s nails were painted with a thick layer of red paint. Xyla immediately turned to look at the person. She was none other than Tom Sullivan’s little sister, who was also Emily Quest’s best friend, and the third daughter of the Sullivan family, Mary Sullivan. Mary also happened to be the most annoying brat among the siblings. In nicer terms, she was a courageous person. Frankly, one might say that she was brainless. Due to Mary’s tight relationship with Emily since they were young, Xyla had never liked her. Therefore, when Xyla saw Mary right now, she felt annoyed immediately. When Mary saw Xyla, her facial expression instantly turned cold. “How dare you show up here when you’ve put my brother and Emily in such a terrible position?” “I haven’t done anything wrong. Why shouldn’t I?” Xyla asked calmly. “You have clearly done something bad, and you are still denyng it. Let me teach you a lesson on behalf of my brother and Emily! “You used to be extremely ugly. So what if my brother dumped you? He is such a wonderful person. Emily deserves him more than you do.” Mary was speaking through gritted teeth. Her facial expression was horrendous. However, Xyla could not be bothered to even look at Mary. Xyla proceeded to point at the winter coat. “Moss, do you mind grabbing this for me to try on?” Mary felt unusually angry after being ignored completely by Xyla. “How dare you ignore me, you b*tch? Who the hell do you think you are?” As soon as Mary spoke, she raised her hand to Xyla’s face. However, Xyla responded in time to avoid the slap. In the end, Mary tripped and fell against a rack of clothes nearby. Suddenly, the rack toppled over and caused clothes to scatter all over the ground. The entire section of the shopping mall became completely silent. Those who were leisurely walking outside heard the sound and began to gather around them. Meanwhile, the shopping assistant had already respectfully handed the coat Xyla asked for to her. Once Xyla received the coat, she put it against herself in front of a mirror before handing it to the shopping assistant and her credit card. “You may swipe the card.” Xyla made it seem as if she had not seen or heard what happened behind her. When Mary noticed that there were a lot of people staring at her, she felt deeply embarrassed. However, when she saw how calm Xyla seemed, her anger returned. She charged toward Xyla from behind. “Xyla, are you out of your mind?” However, Xyla pretended as if she had not even heard Mary as she walked over to the cashier and proceeded with the payment. “Xyla Quest! Are you deaf?” Mary shouted angrily. Right then, Stanley Batton and a group of managerial staff of the shopping mall were walking down the escalator and had happened to witness what took place. Stanley’s face grew several degrees colder. A part of his wrist was revealed with his white sleeves rolled up halfway, making him appear somewhat casual but still noble at the same time. Meanwhile, his black tuxedo pants were without a trace of wrinkles, accentuating his unusually long legs. Right then, Stanley seemed as if he were a prince who had just gone to a feast with the king and was now making his way downstairs. Anyone, regardless of their gender, would stare at him when they passed by. When Zack Cassidy, Stanley’s personal assistant, saw this scene unfold, he seemed stunned. “Isn’t this…” “I don’t want to see that woman who looks like a ghost again,” Stanley said calmly as he glared coldly at Mary. However, he did not stay around. Instead, he continued to walk down the escalator with the entourage behind him. Zack Cassidy immediately waved at two security guards nearby. “Come with me…”