Chapter 797

Each of them was holding a lit banner or poster of their favorite candidate… Some of them were also wearing headbands with the name of their favorite candidate printed on them. Everyone seemed excited. There were ten posters of the ten respective candidates in front of the stadium’s entrance. Every single candidate looked stunning in each of the posters. When Xyla Quest arrived in her Maserati with several Mercedes-Benz Cayenne security cars behind her, she immediately attracted a lot of attention from people around her. After parking her car seamlessly into a designated parking spot, she put on her cap and got out of the car. Very quickly, several Cayenne cars also parked nearby. Ten bodyguards walked out of the cars and promptly approached Xyla to help make way for her. When everyone saw Xyla, they started taking pictures and videos of her with their phones, and they published these on their social media accounts, including Weibo. Surrounded by bodyguards, Xyla displayed Geo

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