Chapter 794

After approximately half an hour, Stanley Batton finished cooking a hot bowl of seafood noodles. Carefully, he brought it into the bedroom. As soon as he did so, the entire room was filled with a fragrant scent. By now, Stanley had already fully recovered. He looked like his usual self. Xyla Quest, who was occupied with scrolling through Weibo, felt hungry when she smelled the scent of food. She immediately put her phone down and shifted to the side of the bed. Very quickly, Stanley placed the bowl of noodles on the nightstand. “Eat…” He said. As usual, the noodles he cooked had the perfect look, smell, and taste. It was as if the hot steam from the bowl of noodles was able to make Xyla’s chest feel warm instantly. “Aren’t you going to eat?” Xyla asked when she saw that there was only one pair of chopsticks. “Nah… I’m tired,” Stanley said before lifting the duvet away and lying down. He closed his eyes right away. “Take the bowl out once you finish eating. I’ll clean it tomo

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