Chapter 790

Getting no response from Emily Quest, Tom Sullivan pulled out the room’s key card from his pocket. He placed it on the door lock and opened the door without hesitation. The door slowly opened. Emily’s heart was in her throat. In the very next second, her naked body came into Tom’s view. Pure disgust was all that was in his mind at that instant. Without love, there was nothing about her that could affect his emotion. He did not even care about what she did just now. The disgust in his eyes only intensified with each second he looked at her. Just how did he find this slut attractive in the past? His heartless gaze pierced through Emily’s heart as though it was a sharp blade. Agony ripped through her skin, threatening to take her life away. “I heard that you got a room with someone and did some strip dances. I’m here to check it out and, by the by, put my cards on the table.” Tom remained as cold as ever. Upon hearing that, Emily was completely panicked. Like a crazy wom

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