Chapter 77

“Who do you think you are? If my predictions are correct, after this incident today, Father will lose all confidence in you. Congratulations!” Emily Quest continued to mock, feeling better the more she spoke. Emily felt extremely accomplished for mocking a failure. After holding herself back the entire day, Xyla’s patience was at its limit. She clenched her fists. However, she forced back her emotions once more because there was no longer a need for her to take physical action. “Sit in the living room and wait for me,” said Xyla. “What for?” “I have an announcement to make,” said Xyla calmly. She glanced at Emily’s face nonchalantly before she headed upstairs. “What announcement? An announcement that you’re backing out of Imperial Prime?” Emily was getting cheekier as she spoke. “Yeah.” Having said that, Xyla went upstairs. Since all the units of Imperial Prime had been sold, wasn’t it time for her to back out? As she watched Emily’s delighted expression, Xyla felt

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