Chapter 778

In fact, there was an official stamp from Country Y officials. It couldn’t possibly be fake. Jeremy Quest couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Meanwhile, Emily Quest, May Conner, Matt Leopold, the other architectural designers, and employees of the company all subconsciously inhaled sharply. Who would have guessed that things would turn out this way? Who knew that Xyla Quest, who always kept her talents hidden, would actually be a rising superstar in the architectural world, and that she was the internationally renowned designer, Lily? “Xyla… What else are you keeping from me? How… How did you do it? Did you really only studied architectural design for half a year?” Jeremy asked excitedly. Xyla nodded with a smile before returning to Jeremy. “Yeah… I studied it for half a year. My master, Dr. Batton, is the talented one. He taught me everything I know about architectural design…” Xyla said. “You… You really are my awesome daughter! I never thought I could have such a talented da

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