Chapter 772

Gary Lakes’ name appeared on the screen. “What do you want?” Sebastian Brenand picked up the phone while kicking his slippers away. He then tucked himself under the white duvet and closed his eyes. “Are you back from Edgewater? When did you come back? How did you get into a car accident?” Gary was leaning against the railing on his balcony as he smoked. He was also looking down at the garden full of flowers in bloom. “I came back last night… Hmm. I’m fine, but the car isn’t…” Sebastian said. Gary took a deep breath. “Well… Did you see Rachel? Didn’t you two patch things up? Why do you look so terrible?” he asked carefully. “Stop talking about it. She’s already married. We’ll talk over drinks tonight. I’m hanging up…” Sebastian said before directly hanging up the phone. Gary frowned slightly. After looking at his phone screen for a while, he shifted his gaze back to the flowers in his garden. “Rachel Wood…” He murmured to himself. There was an indescribable sense of disappointmen

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