Chapter 770

“I zoned out all of a sudden…” Sebastian Brenand said. Gradually, their car moved away from the scene of the accident. Through the rearview mirror, Xyla Quest could see that the traffic police had arrived. The crowd surrounding the car was getting larger. “You really are something… Don’t you know that you have to pay full attention while you’re driving?” Xyla said. “Alright, stop nagging at me, Xyla. I’m fine, anyway. Let me be quiet for a while…” Sebastian said. Xyla was speechless. She drove Sebastian to the nearest hotel, Palace Hotel. Once the car stopped, Sebastian let out a helpless sigh. “Thank you, Xyla. I’ll get going then…” he said. “Don’t you need me to help you sort things out?” Xyla asked. “It’s okay. The traffic police will come to me… Besides, I didn’t hurt anyone. There’s nothing much to deal with…” With that, Sebastian waved at Xyla and turned around to leave. “Sebastian…” Xyla couldn’t help but call out. “What is it?” Sebastian suddenly stopped walking and

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