Chapter 764

At night, the entire city was lit up with neon lights. After finishing up her work, Xyla slowly pushed the large pile of documents in front of her forward. Her neck started to ache badly. Carefully, she stretched her neck a little before standing up and stretching. Xyla then turned around and looked at the beautiful view of the city under the night sky. Criss-crossed layers of roads were now full of cars. The bright lights from the cars made these roads look like streams of golden river. From afar, the view was very majestic. Xyla didn’t want to leave. After looking at the view for a while, she sat down and retrieved a half-completed blueprint of an ocean theme park from her drawer. She began to draw carefully on it. At eight o’clock in the evening, Xyla began feeling a little hungry. She carefully put her blueprint back in the drawer before carrying her platinum Hermes purse and walking out of the office. When the bodyguards standing outside the door saw her, they immediately

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