Chapter 757

Outside the car, a thundering sound was heard. Heavy rain began to fall. Suddenly, the entire city became a blurry mess, just like their emotions right then. “Since you don’t have any feelings for me, why did you cry when you saw me the other day?” Sebastian Brenand asked helplessly. “I recalled the horrible times when I was with you. I was so disgusted that I started crying…” Rachel Wood answered. Sebastian snorted coldly and unlocked the car without looking at her again. Outside, the rain was still pouring. Rachel opened the car door without hesitation and ran out to stand by the road while she waited for a taxi in the rain. Sebastian immediately closed the car door before glaring out at Rachel. “I hope you die in the storm!” he cursed in a deep voice before turning the car engine on and driving away… Meanwhile, Rachel stood where she was in the rain and waited for a taxi to show up. However, not a single vehicle was in sight. The ice-cold rain pattering against her skin w

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