Chapter 74

Inside the private room of a classy coffee shop in town, Emily Quest and May Connor were sitting near the windows as they drank their coffees and had dessert leisurely. Both of them seemed to be in a wonderful mood. “It must be chaotic over there by now. I think Xyla will be getting back all the units she has sold previously.” “Mom, do you think Xyla will look extremely battered by now? Oh my, I really want to go over and see just how unfortunate she looks.” Having said that, Emily scoffed before she leisurely held up her coffee and took a sip. “Regardless of who it is that is facing such a situation, it’s impossible for them to make it out unscathed. Even if Xyla is almighty, she definitely can’t handle something like this.” May was smiling cheekily as she elegantly stirred her coffee. “She has to deal with the rumors about Imperial Prime and handle those who want a refund and various upcoming sales issues on the other. If I were her, I’d have gone mad. Hahaha…” Emily coul

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