Chapter 743

She could not do that… She really could not do that! Sebastian Brenand was still gazing at the tightly closed door downstairs. His heart was empty once more. On the way here, he had imagined many scenarios of himself and Rachel Wood meeting in his head. He thought that she would come back to him as long as he admitted his mistakes. Unexpectedly, she rejected him without even thinking about it. Her tears told him that she still loved him. So, why did she reject him if she loved him? Was it because she did not trust him anymore? No matter what the reason was, he was not going to give up so easily. Suddenly, a resident came out of the building. Immediately, he charged at the main entrance and ran upstairs. He ran straight up to Rachel’s house. Noticing there was no doorbell, he quickly knocked on the door. In the living room, Rachel curled up on the couch and cried in despair. When she heard the knocking on the door, she instantly knew who was standing out there.

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