Chapter 728

Very soon, the hall became noisy again. Everyone was drinking and dancing, and nobody paid attention to what happened earlier. Sharon Lindt quickly turned Xyla Quest around. She placed both hands on Xyla’s shoulders and looked at her admiringly. “Xyla, let me have a good look at you. You seem like a quiet girl, but why did you look so on fire when you danced earlier? Did you take dancing lessons at school? I never knew you were so good at dancing,” Sharon said. Xyla shook her head. “No… I only started learning when Grandpa was helping me recover.” “What? Alright. Perhaps, you are naturally gifted.” A look of shock appeared in Sharon’s eyes. “Mom… You should stop praising me so much.” Xyla touched her hair embarrassedly. “How could I not praise you? Xyla, I admire you and feel proud of you a lot…” Sharon said. Sharon never held back when she praised Xyla. Stanley Batton, on the other hand, kept quiet and looked at Xyla affectionately. “Xyla, let’s dance for a while longer, shal

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