Chapter 726

With that out of the way, she turned on the music again and threw the microphone to the DJ. Proud and determined, she returned to the ground floor and walked up to Xyla Quest. After listening to the girl’s declaration, everyone’s attention was now on the blonde girl and Xyla. “Do not regret, girl.” The blonde girl was very confident. Xyla raised her brows, her face as calm as ever. “Bring it on…” She did not expect the girl to be so high-profile. Nevertheless, she was not afraid of her, anyway. The onlookers began to cheer for the blonde girl. Under the crowd’s attention, the girl went up the stage and waved at Xyla provocatively, asking her to get on the stage too. Sharon Lindt gripped Xyla’s hand. “You can do this, Xyla.” Xyla nodded at her before heading to the girl serenely. Stanley sat not far away from her, and his eyes had perfectly captured the ins and outs of the incident. His eyes were as peaceful as a waveless lake. He held a pale blue cocktail in one hand w

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