Chapter 724

##“Xyla Quest suspected of having an affair with Zack Cassidy, the personal assistant to the Dragon Group’s President.”## When Sharon Lindt saw the news headline, she could not help but roll her eyes. “Are these people crazy? What kind of nonsense are they talking about?” Realizing that Xyla and Sharon did not catch up with him, Stanley Batton went out to find the two of them. He stood behind them and glanced at Xyla’s phone, curiously. “What’s going on?” Wrinkles started to form on his forehead the moment he saw the news headline. Without further ado, he tapped the notification to open the article. The whole article was patently ridiculous. It alleged that Xyla had been visiting Dragon Group quite often recently. She was found walking with Zack Cassidy, the president’s personal assistant, everytime she went there. Moreover, the two of them would chit-chat intimately like a couple. The article was attached with a picture. It was a picture of Zack holding Xyla. Somebody m

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