Chapter 71

The black-clothed men then split up to stand on either side of the tiny path before lowering their heads respectfully. This magnificent display of authority immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone directed their gaze to the entrance. Soon, Sharon Lindt walked in with her group of wealthy friends who had purchased some houses previously in a grandiose manner. They were a group of fifteen people. Each of them donned internationally branded outfits and limited edition branded handbags. Be it their outfits or their auras; they were extremely eye-catching. Sharon, who was walking in front, was most striking. She wore a light green genuine silk cheongsam paired with a pure white fox fur shawl and black vintage Mary Janes. There was a silver Hermes bag on her arm while exquisite diamond jewelry decorated her body. Covered in jewels, the woman was clearly a standard wealthy lady. Be it her figure or her aura, Sharon could easily captivate the entire scene in an instant

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