Chapter 719

Though makeup could be imitated, one’s temperament could not. Xyla Quest was very much like an unreal little fairy. Conversely, she was just a tacky nobody. The girl carefully closed the door before striding across the room and coming to a stop in front of Stanley Batton. Stanley remained as apathetic as ever. “Yes?” Daringly and without warning, the girl gave him a flirtatious smile and directly sat on his lap. “President… I feel a little dizzy…” As she spoke, she threw her arms around Stanley and leaned her head against her shoulder coquettishly, pretending to be dizzy. “Get lost.” Stanley did not talk much, but the cold aura around him was growing thicker. However, the girl was not offended by him at all. She continued to pester Stanley and whispered in his ears, “President, don’t be so cold to me… I like you very much…” The man in front of her was a luxury that every woman in Country Z wanted to possess. Once she owned him, she would be worry-free for the rest o

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