Chapter 69

The crowd was once again influenced. They started standing behind the blonde woman and kept extending their hands to point at Xyla’s face. The crowd was agitated, and their voices rang like giant bells. Everyone kept squeezing toward them. The security guard could barely contain them any longer, and they were starting to panic. The people from the quality control department also felt their heads hurt as they watched. However, Xyla remained composed as a solid mountain and was calm as ever. It was as if she would not waver even if her enemies were at bay. She casually scanned the crowd before holding the microphone to her lips again and saying loudly to everyone, “Please be quiet and let me say a few sentences. You guys can get excited again after that.” The noise died down once again. “Everyone, don’t listen to her rambles anymore. She’s just toying us,” the blonde woman yelled hysterically. “I asked you to show me your agreement, but you said you’ve forgotten to bring

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