Chapter 699

She could have slept through the entire day if it was not for the call. She and Stanley Batton had just fallen asleep at dawn. Exhaustion pulsed through her veins the moment she opened her eyes. Her sleep-deprived brain was going in circles, and her limbs were all numb. Using her last bit of energy, she reached for her phone on the bedside table and stole a glance at the time before answering the call. “Boss? I thought we were going to have lunch together at the base before training? Why aren’t you here yet? The food is ready, and we’re all waiting for you.” Team QPG’s president, Michael Gabriel’s voice rang in her right ear, shaking her out of her drowsiness. Only then did Xyla Quest remember that she had indeed promised her team members that she would go over for lunch with them before starting the training this afternoon. In the end, because of Stanley… She turned around and glowered at the culprit, who was currently sleeping with his back to her. Furious with his inco

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