Chapter 690

She glared at the chill man resentfully. “Are you even human?” Stretching his long arms, the man pulled her into his embrace and held her tightly, his chin rubbing her hair repeatedly. “This isn’t how you looked just now.” Xyla Quest’s blush seared through her cheeks, all the way to her neck. Her heart leaped up as if it was electrocuted. “Shameless.” “Good girl… I’ll be more careful next time.” Be more careful next time? Was he trying to fool a three-year-old kid? He said that every single time. But guess what? He was only getting more aggressive. “If a man’s word can be trusted, I guess the pigs can live on the tree too.” A chuckle escaped the man’s lips. “Shall we take a bath?” “Okay… Carry me. I can’t move at all.” Xyla wrapped her arms around his neck and pouted. Stanley Batton placed one arm around her back and scooped the other arm around the bend in her knees, lifting her effortlessly. Then, he made his way to the bathroom. He filled the bathtub with warm w

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