Chapter 688

“After the interview, Xyla Quest bowed politely to all the workers before leaving the stage. Suddenly, the audience started screaming at the top of their lungs. “Ahhhhhhh!!! My idol!!!” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Josh Batton, I love you!!!!!!!!!” Xyla immediately turned in the direction of the noises. A black figure was lowering his cap while dashing to the exit. It was Josh Batton. The audience chased after him, frantically, like a swarm of bees. However, Josh was running very fast. It seemed that they would not easily catch him up. However, even so, Xyla was still worried about his safety. She quickly approached the security guards guarding the stage and ordered, “Follow Josh Batton. Keep an eye on him.” Hearing the order, the security guards ran out of the stadium at once. Stanley Batton stepped forward, slowly sliding his hand into hers. “Don’t worry. There are bodyguards outside. They’ll protect him.” Only then did Xyla get the load off her mind and nodded obediently.

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