Chapter 686

Soon, the game began. As soon as the game started, four enemies surrounded two of them in the bottom lane. Unfortunately, Xyla Quest and the Support were killed by them in the very next second due to Xyla’s mistake. The opponent had also broken one of the turret’s plates. Everyone in the stadium was on tenterhooks seeing their awful way to start the game. Xyla’s mistake had also caused a big stir in the live stream pop-ups. “Why doesn’t Xyla run? She could’ve just run! I had high hopes for her, but it turns out that she’s just a noob.” “Why doesn’t she try to run? Why? Ugh, she has ruined my mood.” “Holy sh*t! The bottom lane has already collapsed at the beginning.” “Team QPG is going to lose for sure. I take back what I said about Xyla earlier. She’s a f*cking rookie.” “What was she doing just now? Esport is a high standard competition. Get out of here if you can’t match the level of a professional gamer!” Xyla totally had no idea that people were cursing at her madly o

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