Chapter 683

Jeremy Quest saw how envious his relatives were, and he felt immensely proud on the inside. “Isn’t that so? Xyla really did get married to a good person.” May Conner was forced to put in some good words. After that, she turned to look at the Dior bag on the table and changed the topic. “Xyla, what did you get your father?” she asked. “It’s the newest men’s watch from Dior.” Xyla chuckled. “How nice. I bet it must be expensive,” May said. “Not too bad… About 500,000 dollars,” Xyla said. “You always give us expensive gifts. Emily gave your father a watch too, and it cost 1,000,000 dollars. Also, Uncle Sullivan gave your father a golden tortoise. It’s huge, and it costs several hundred thousand too…” May said. Xyla knew what May was trying to imply. May was simply trying to compare her gift to Emily’s, and she wanted to make Emily and the Sullivan family’s presence known. Indirectly, May wanted to imply that the Sullivan family was better than the Batton family because they offered

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