Chapter 673

Pure desolation was in the air as he scanned his office. “Rachel… You’re a real pain in the ass.” Sebastian Brenand murmured, his right thumb repeatedly rubbing the picture of her face. Not a day went by when he did not think of her. Little did she know, he missed her more and more every day. The thought of losing her terrified him. He had no idea how his life would be if he failed to find her. He really could not live without Rachel Wood. *** Meanwhile, Georgie Clementine was having an interview at the municipal hospital. After the interview, Georgie sent all the reporters and fans away before dragging her exhausted body back to Josh Batton’s ward. Coincidentally enough, Xyla Quest received a call from Team QPG’s president when Georgie entered the ward, asking when she would go for training. Hearing that, Xyla told him that she would rush over right away. She immediately rose to her feet. After saying goodbye to Josh and Georgie, she grabbed her car keys and dashe

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