Chapter 669

“Georgie, cancel all his appointments for the upcoming week. Make sure he gets plenty of rest for now,” Xyla Quest turned to look at Georgie Clementine and said. Georgie nodded. “Georgie… Don’t let him drive in the future,” Xyla said with a serious expression. “Also, when he returns from events in the future, make sure there are enough bodyguards to protect yourselves,” Xyla added. “She didn’t make me drive. I requested for it. Also, I asked for the bodyguards to not be around,” Josh Batton explained in a serious tone. When Xyla heard this, she immediately frowned. “Josh, how could you be so reckless? I won’t allow you to behave like this again. Do you have any idea what might have happened to you if things got more serious today?” Xyla said. “Okay. I won’t do it again,” Josh said and nodded obediently. “Beep, beep, beep…” Right then, Stanley Batton’s phone rang. He immediately picked up the call. “Fifth Master, we’ve already caught all of them,” Zack Cassidy said. When Stanl

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