Chapter 666

When Xyla Quest saw that the call was from Georgie Clementine, she immediately picked it up. “Did you see the trending topics? Someone has actually decorated the entire city of Atlantis with roses for his wife.” Georgie sounded somewhat shocked. “Yeah. I saw it,” Xyla said and chuckled. “This man is really rich. I’m impressed,” Georgie said. “Yeah,” Xyla replied calmly. “Why do you sound so calm? Aren’t you curious at all?” Georgie asked. “Yeah, I’m not curious.” Xyla smiled deeply. “Could you happen to know who he is?” Georgie asked with a sense of curiosity. “Yeah, I do…” Xyla said. “Who is it?” Georgie asked. “Stanley Batton…” Xyla said. “What? It’s actually him?” Georgie was utterly stunned. Xyla remained silent with a calm expression on her face. “He must really love you to go this far, President Xyla. You ought to appreciate him,” Georgie said. “Yeah.” After chatting with Georgie for a while, Xyla hung up the phone. She then continued to browse the trending topics

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