Chapter 662

“Got it. Keep me updated…” Stanley Batton ordered. “Okay. By the way, Fifth Master, the mission you gave me the other day is all set now… Mistress will definitely be surprised when she goes out this morning.” “Okay, good…” Stanley cracked a smile as he hung up the phone. Putting down the phone, he continued to wash up before returning to the bedroom. Xyla had just woken up. The sunlight from the french window shone brightly upon her. She looked very much like an indolent kitten dawdling in the bed. Her arms rested outside the blanket. They were as smooth as fresh snow. Her face was fair yet delicate, tempting Stanley to place a kiss on it. The enticing scene made Stanley’s muscles tense. Seeing that Stanley had already washed up, Xyla rubbed her eyes and stretched her body languidly. She then rolled over to take the wristwatch from the bedside table and took a glance at the time. “It’s already eight o’clock… Gosh, I have to hurry up.” She had loads of work to settle t

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