Chapter 660

She hoped that her kiss would appease all the anger and unease in the man’s heart. When her lips met his, the man responded right away. He pulled her in and kissed her back, hungry and intense. At last, everything was out of control. The man draped both arms around her and kept their lips locked as he shuffled to the switches beside the door. Without even looking at it, he leaned his body backward and hit the switches with his back. The room turned dark instantaneously. The man then proceeded proficiently, looking sexy yet stunning in the dark. *** Meanwhile, on the other side, Sebastian Brenand found himself inside one of Sky Garden’s private rooms at Unconscious Bar. Sebastian was hugging a pretty girl lazily as he listened to her singing. The girl was singing an old song called ‘At Least I Left Earlier Than You’. The girl clung to his chest, feeding him some red wine while singing softly. “Have you ever thought of the reasons I broke up with you? Maybe you’re

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