Chapter 654

At this moment, everyone was thoroughly shocked. When Xyla Quest fell off, Christopher Lancelot jumped down after her without caring about anything else. While holding onto a red curtain on the second floor with one hand, he grabbed Xyla’s hand tightly with his other. The instant Xyla felt Christopher’s warm hand upon hers, she found herself calming down instantly. Her thoughts also began to clear. However, her heartbeat was still beating out of control. It felt as if there was a little motor installed in her chest. Xyla would never have thought that this man would jump after her even though it was so dangerous. From the second floor, it was a long way down to the ground. Even if one didn’t die from the fall, one would end up becoming handicapped. Just like that, the two of their bodies dangled in the air. Christopher wouldn’t let go of Xyla’s hand no matter what. Due to the amount of force he was using, Christopher’s veins bulged on his neck and the back of his arm. When every

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