Chapter 644

The news headline was praising Xyla Quest’s painting. Xyla knew what everyone was probably saying in the comment section without even having to read through the article. She didn’t tap on the link. Instead, she locked her phone screen and looked at Sharon Lindt. “Mom, I never told you I could paint. Why were you so confident in me in front of everyone earlier?” Xyla asked. This was something Xyla had wanted to ask Sharon. Sharon placed her hands on her face and smiled at Xyla. “It’s because of your comments and what you said to your stepmother… You said that just because you have never painted in the past, it didn’t mean you wouldn’t know how to paint now.” “Why didn’t you think I was just blowing my own trumpet as everyone else said?” Xyla felt a warm sensation spreading in her heart when she recalled how much Sharon trusted in her. Sharon smiled. “That’s because I know that Xyla would never blow her own trumpet. You always say what you mean. I never doubted anything you said,”

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