Chapter 63

The entire Weibo was exploding. Fans of these idols were busy controlling the comments about their beloved idols and trying to put out the fire. Many people were nagging about wanting to stop being fans, and some even became haters. After skimming through Weibo, Xyla opened up the various popular news applications on her phone and websites to take a look. The news about Imperial Prime had disappeared. Everywhere in the outside world was now like Weibo, filled with scandalous news about these idols. The attention of the mass had been secured. However, even with this, Xyla knew full well that this incident would not go away completely unless Imperial Prime provided evidence. Once everyone was done snacking on popcorn, they would bring up old incidents again. After all, the internet has a great memory. Moreover, those homeowners would never let something like this go. If they couldn’t catch the rumormonger tonight, there would be a vicious battle waiting for her tomorrow. At

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